NYC Hepatitis B Coalition

About Us

The NYC Hepatitis B Coalition was founded in 2009 as a city-wide network of community based organizations, health care organizations, providers, and others interested in hepatitis B related issues. The NYC Hepatitis B Coalition Mission is to coordinate efforts to prevent, manage and reduce hepatitis B among all residents of New York City. The coalition seeks to foster an inclusive collaboration among all stakeholders to advance hepatitis B awareness, screening, access to care, and vaccination through education, outreach, advocacy and support of research.

Founding Organizations

The NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Office of Viral Hepatitis Coordination (OVHC) is dedicated to coordinating city-wide efforts to prevent, control and eliminate viral hepatitis infections in NYC. OVHC collaborates with service providers both within the Health Department and throughout the community, provides the most accurate and current information on viral hepatitis, and develops and enhances programmatic interventions promoting viral hepatitis prevention and care.

The B Free CEED: National Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Hepatitis B Disparities is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded national resource and expert center committed to eliminating hepatitis B disparities in Asian and Pacific Islanders. A partnership of NYU School of Medicine and local and national community, health, and social service organizations, the B Free CEED provides technical assistance, pilot grant funding and conducts hepatitis B forex related research and evaluation to identify and disseminate evidence-based activities and strategies.


In January 2009, the OVHC and B Free CEED held a meeting to discuss the potential benefits of bringing together all New York City hepatitis B programs serving affected populations in order to share resources and unite efforts to create a greater presence and impact in the health and human service arena. The plan for the NYC Hepatitis B Coalition was born.

Current Status

The NYC Hepatitis B Coalition meets quarterly in Manhattan or regions of the city disproportionately affected by Hepatitis B. Join us!

Looking fore Hep B Testing, Vaccine or Medical Care?
The NYC Hep B & C Services Online Site Locator provides detailed information on hundreds of organizations that provide Information, Testing, Supportive Services and Medical Care.

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