Call for Abstracts | US Conference on African Immigant Health (Sept 19 -21)

August 4, 2014


2nd United States Conference on African Immigrant Health
Health Behaviors of African Immigrants and Refugees: Culture, Integration, Migration
September 19-21, 2014

Conference Theme: Abstracts are invited for poster and oral presentations, related to all health issues that affect African immigrants and refugees (African Diaspora), especially as they are influenced by their culture, migration and integration context. Graduate students, clinicians, policy makers, researchers, academics, community service organizations and community members are especially encouraged to submit posters and participate in the conference. Further details are available at: Conference Website

Conference Tracks: Abstracts are being accepted for the following conference tracks

  • Health Behavior: Current or new evidence-based models that address health disparities in HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B, Mental Health, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: diseases that disproportionately affect the African Diaspora.
  • Culture, religion/faith and health: This track will examine the interplay of African culture (language, customs, traditions, religious beliefs, faith) and health behavior, and how this knowledge can inform culturally responsive interventions.
  • Migration, Integration and Health: This track will explore the effect of the migratory process (including the impact of war, torture, rape and trauma), and integration and acculturation factors (language, housing, access, employment, justice system, education) on health outcomes among African immigrant and refugee communities in the United States.
  • Data Collection and Research: This track will provide a forum for professionals, researchers and community leaders to identify the existing gaps in the scientific literature related to the health status of African immigrants and their access to health care in the United States and subsequently formulate a research agenda.
  • Capacity Building: Best practice models to: (1) build capacity among African immigrant and refugee communities and community based organizations, (2) address social determinants of health through culturally appropriate programs and services, (3) enhance mentoring and professional development of young researchers, and (4) encourage development of health care and public health practitioners.
  • Policy / Advocacy: Best practices in advocacy and policy formulation at the local and national level to address social determinants of health, reducing disparities and improve the health of African immigrants and refugees in the United States.

Presentation Format: The following presentation formats will be available during the symposium. Abstracts are being sought for all of these presentation types:

  • Poster Sessions: Poster sessions provide for the direct interaction of presenters with the audience in an informal setting lasting up to two hours. Posters will be grouped by topic area where applicable.
  • Plenary Sessions: Plenary presentations are made in large audience settings, often to all attendees of the meeting in opening or closing keynote sessions. The contents of these sessions should appeal to a broad audience of varied disciplines, interests and skill levels. Subject matter should be highly relevant to the conference theme, timely, and provide novel, ground-breaking or late-breaking content where applicable. Submissions for presentations of presentations of 30 and 60 minutes in length are being sought. Please note that only a few plenary session presentations will be chosen, so submitters should consider entering other types of proposals to increase the likelihood of selection.
  • Concurrent Sessions: Multiple concurrent sessions, held simultaneously in smaller group settings, allow for deeper examination of more specific topics and themes. Offering a variety of concurrent sessions also allows attendees to customize their conference experience.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Submission Process: You may submit your abstract online at [Conference Website]. Abstracts and lay summaries may be submitted only once.
  • Number of Abstracts: A conference participant may submit a total of NO MORE THAN THREE program abstracts/proposals. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Please ensure that you have included all requested information in each submission.
  • Abstract Format: The abstract should be created as a Word document and the body should not exceed 500 words. Save this entire document on your computer using a file name that includes your last name and first name (example: SmithAlan-abstract.doc). If you are submitting more than one abstract please include a number in the file name (example: SmithAlan-abstract1.doc, SmithAlan-abstract2.doc)
    • Please type or paste the abstract into the template on the following page and indicate the submitting author at the top of the page. If the submitting author is not the first author, please be sure that all authors are aware of this submission.
    • Please use the following format for submissions:
      • Title: Use bold upper and lower case letters
      • Author’s names: List all author’s names, including the submitting author (First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name). Please underline the name of the presenting author.
      • Author’s affiliations: Please provide each author’s and presenters affiliation.
      • Text: Include background, methods, results, and conclusion(s) as appropriate.
      • Presentation type. Must select one of the following:
        • Poster session presentation
        • 30 minute plenary session
        • 60 minute plenary session
        • 15 minute concurrent scientific paper or practice/intervention session
        • 75 minute concurrent symposia session
      • Lay Summary Format: Please write in paragraph form, a summary of your abstract (250 word max) in lay language (Flesch-Kincaid grade level <8 i.e., language understandable to the general public).
      • Learning objectives: Please articulate two or three learning objectives for your session (knowledge or skills that you expect your audience to acquire at the end of your session).
      • Audience Participation: Please describe how you intend to engage the audience in your session (discussion, Q&A, small group activity, etc.,)

Conference Abstract Review and Submission Timelines:

  • Submission Deadline: August 8, 2014
  • Peer Review of Abstracts: August 9 – 15, 2014
  • Notification of Acceptance: August 18, 2014
  • Conference Registration Deadline: September 1, 2014