Dear Fellow Researcher,

The Planning Committee would like to invite you to participate in the 2013 Meeting of the New York Hepatitis C (HCV) Research Consortium. As with our previous meetings, we intend to highlight research in all fields of HCV study occurring in the New York area, a major center of research activity and HCV knowledge. The expected outputs of this year’s meeting include position papers, policy recommendations, and collaborative research projects that will lead the way to improved health care services for HCV.

The New York HCV Research Consortium aims at facilitating, coordinating and implementing disciplinary and interdisciplinary partnerships among researchers. This goal of this collaborative effort is to enhance the overall impact of HCV research; prioritize and coordinate research directions; strengthen the evidence base for effective HCV policy development; and synthesize and disseminate scientific information to relevant organizations.

This all-day meeting, to be held at the end of September of 2013, will serve as an introduction to all current research, as well as to lay the foundation for collaboration and work in the years ahead. The demanding agenda that the Planning Committee is developing will challenge researchers of HCV to come together to share their expertise and resources to improve the way research is conducted, discussed and informed in New York. Through the combined knowledge of New York’s first-class researchers, the success of the 2013 Meeting will ensure the effective use of resources and a coordinated response to public policy that will increase access to superior clinical and supportive services.

The collective work we do for New Yorkers is impressive and creating a forum in which we can share our work and combine our strengths improves our city’s ability to address and manage the challenges posed by HCV. We look forward to reviewing your submission for participation.

Please see attached the Call for Abstracts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to forward to relevant colleagues who may be interested in submitting to this Meeting.

Ashly E Jordan, MPH candidate
on the behalf of the HCV Research Consortium Planning Committee:

Douglas Dieterich, MD; Brian Edlin, MD; Colleen Flanigan, RN, MS; Holly Hagan, PhD; Rachael Hart-Malloy, PhD; Nirah Johnson, MSW; David C Perlman, MD; Ponni Perumalswami, MD; John Reinus, MD; Eric Rude, MSW; Tracy Swan; Elizabeth Verna, MD; Jeffery Weiss, PhD; Emily Winkelstein, MSW ; Frank Winter.

* Submission Deadline is now May 20th at 5PM EST.
Attachments: HCV-Research-Consortium-Call-for-abstracts (PDF)