There are hundreds of Electronic Health Records in use in NYC. Most current Electronic Health Record products do not include a comprehensive Hepatitis A, B or C identification, care and treatment module. There is no standard Hepatitis A, B or C identifcation, care and treatment modules accross systems. Some organizations have built their own Hepatitis modules in-house.

The health care community as a whole would benefit from standard comprehensive optomized Hepatitis A, B & C identifaction, care & treatement module built into the basic Electronic Heath Record Systems.

Project Status

  • A small sub-group of the Health Care Access & Insurance Workgroup is working together to develop recommendations for a standard comprehensive optimized Hepatitis A, B & C identifaction, care & treatement module to be submitted to Electronic Health Record Companies for consideration of integration into their basic systems, as well as to serve as a guide to help organizations design a module in-house if necessary.
  • Coalition member organization MDLand is building both Hepatitis B & C modules into their web based Electronic Health Record iClinic.

If you are intersted in learning more about this effort, or joining the workgroup, contact us!


  • Primary Care Information Project (PCIP). NYC Department of Health.The Primary Care Information Project (PCIP) seeks to improve population health through health information technology and data exchange. The program supports the adoption and use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) among primary care providers in New York City’s underserved communities through a wide-range of services.
  • New York EHealth Collaborative