Hep C Prevention Education

  • Hepatitis C Counseling Best Practices Manual – Harm Reduction Coalition. for practitioners/workers that will be providing needle exchange participants Hepatitis C testing and discussing risk reduction strategies. These are guidelines that assume a basic understanding of the Hepatitis C Virus and its medical consequences.
  • Viral Hepatitis 101 Training. NYC Health Department HIV Training & Technical Assistance Program (TTAP). Basic information; clinical features; prevention, screening, liver health management, medical care and existing community resources.
  • Getting Off Right Safety Manual. Harm Reduction Coalition.
  • Hepatitis C Harm Reduction Coalition brochure for people who use drugs and want more information about hepatitis C. The brochure explains: what hepatitis C is how it affects the liver how people get infected and pass hepatitis C to others things you can do to prevent or reduce the risk of infection…
  • Reduce the number of times of injection and avoid withdrawal by using opioid replacement therapies such as methadone or buprenorphine if needed. Call 1-800-LIFENET for a referral.
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Providing Hep C Testing on Site

Hep C Test Counseling Guidelines

Hep A & B Vaccination and Hep B Testing

Linkage to Hep C Medical Care

Scheduling Hep C Related Medical Appointment

Hep C Care & Treatment Education & Counseling

Referral to Mental Health Services

  • 1-800-LIFENET. LifeNet can help you find the mental health, substance abuse or crisis prevention services you need. LifeNet Network of Care is a comprehensive online resource for individuals, families and agencies in need of help and information. 1-800-LIFENET is a free, confidential, multi-lingual, mental health and substance abuse information, referral, and crisis prevention hotline available to anyone at any time.  Your call will be answered by a trained behavioral health professional.
  • Hepatitis B & C Patient Support Group Listings. Support groups can help patients connect with others who can understand what you are going through as well as reach out to others in need of support.

Escort to Hep C Medical Appointment


Prevention in the context of Harm Reduction

Hep C Testing, Access to Care & Treatment in the context of Harm Reduction