Hep C Patients needed for Market Research Interview:
to understand what types of patient support services pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies should provide for patients on anti-HCV regimens

Key eligibility:
Diagnosed HCV patients who are either (1) currently on therapy or (2) completed therapy within the past 3 years

Interviews will take place in:

  • New York City at a time of your convenience on Thursday, April 4th. If interested in the New York interviews, please contact: [Cindy at Schlesinger Associates: 1-800 981-3923, extension 269]
  • Chicago at a time of your convenience on Monday, April 8th. If interested in the Chicago interviews, please contact: [Giovanni at Schlesinger Associates: 1-312 587-8100, extension 210]

Interview is expected to last 50 minutes

Compensation will be provided $150

If you would like more information about the study, contact:
Chris Gaj at Research Partnership: 1-215-682-9204 or [email protected]