Hepatitis C RNA Reflex Tests Now Available from Commercial Labs

RNA testing is needed to confirm current hepatitis C infection in patients who test positive for hepatitis C antibody. Too often, though, the RNA test is not ordered after a positive antibody test. Now, clinicians can now order a hepatitis C reflex test from several commercial laboratories: the laboratory will do the hepatitis C antibody test, and if the result is positive, the laboratory will immediately do a quantitative RNA test on the same specimen. Only one tube of serum is needed. This reflex test provides the information needed to determine hepatitis C infection status in one step, without having the patient return for a second blood draw.

For Quest (test # 91438X), click here.

For LabCorp, click here and search for test # 144028.

For BioReference, click here and search for test # B125-6.


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NYC Department of Health Commissioner Farley’s letter to medical providers about increasing the testing and treatment of Hepatitis C.