About Us

The New York City Hepatitis C Task Force is a city-wide network of service providers and advocates concerned with hepatitis C and related issues. The groups come together to learn, share information and resources, network, and identify hepatitis C related needs in the community. Committees form to work on projects in order to meet needs identified by the community.


The NYC Hep C Task Force mission is to build community capacity for the effective prevention, screening, management and treatment of Hepatitis C by promoting collaboration amongst key stakeholders and effecting change through participation in policy advancement, initiating innovative projects, and facilitation of enhanced knowledge sharing.


The NYC Hepatitis C Task Force was formed in 2004 by South Bronx community advocates, and has expanded to meet regularly in each borough.

Current Status

The Hepatitis C Task Force meets 3-4 times a year in each borough. See the Events Calendar for upcoming meetings. Join us! Participate remotely through reading the meeting highlights, and communicating by email. Join the NYC Hepatitis C Task Force

Looking fore Hep B Testing, Vaccine or Medical Care?
The NYC Hep B & C Services Online Site Locator provides detailed information on hundreds of organizations that provide Information, Testing, Supportive Services and Medical Care.

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