Hep B Videos

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Hepatitis B Educational Videos

Stay Healthy & Hep Free. Video from NYC Department of Heatlh about Hep A, B & C.

Be Certain: Get Tested for Hepatitis B campaign, was officially unveiled on June 12th, 2012 at Flushing Town Hall. The campaign consists of a 30 second PSA to encourage Hepatitis B screening in the Chinese and Korean communities in NYC. Print ads are available in Chinese, Korean, and English. Contact:  http://bfree.med.nyu.edu
Chinese PSA  - Korean PSA

Know Hepatitis B, is a CDC & Hep B United awareness campaign launched in June 2013. Know Hepatitis B seeks to increase awareness about this silent epidemic and encourage people who may be chronically infected with hepatitis B to get tested so they can take care of themselves and protect their families. The PSA is available in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Very good advice about Hepatitis B in Vietnamese language.

Hepatitis B PSA. Hepatitis B Foundation. 1 in 10 Asian Americans has Hepatitis B. Could you be one of them? Get tested. Get vaccinated. Get treated

Hepatitis B PSA. by Stan Yan

NYC World Hepatitis Day 2012

1 in 10… (produced by SFhepBfree)

HepBMoms: Testimonial (full)

HepBMoms: Testimonial

HepBMoms: Kids PSA (Chinese)

HepBMoms: Kids PSA (Chinese)

African Immigrant Hepatitis B Awareness PSA. The Hepatitis B Initiative.

“Hepatitis 101 for your and your kids. Here’s health education with humor. Enjoy!”


HepB-Khmer Video...
From the Lowell Community Health Center

“New Hepatitis A, B & C Video, from Callen-Lorde TV!!!! In this old school rap video join Lady Hep A, The Notorious HBV, Funk Master C and Mistress CL Smooth as they school you on some basic Hepatitis knowledge. Get a glimpse of the ABCs of Hepatitis.”