Centers for Disease Control

  • Publication Order Page Brochures available in multiple languages for download or order free.
  • Know Hepatitis B. Posters, fact sheets, infographic available in multiple languages for download.

American Liver Foundation

Hepatitis B Foundation

  • Our Brochures, Information Sheets, and Newsletter

NYS Department of Health

NYC Department of Health

Immunization Action Coalition

Hep Free Hawaii

Asian Liver Center

hep b brochure Know HBV: What Every Asian and Pacific Islander Should Know About Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer

hep b brochure Hepatitis B and Moms-to-be

  • Information on how to prevent CHB, testing for the disease, and management of CHB.
  • An innovative animated video depicting a CHB patient’s journey from diagnosis to care (available in 14 languages with subtitles).
  • Educational Hep B brochures in 14 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Somali, Amharic (spoken in Ethiopian communities), French (spoken in certain African communities), and Haitian-Creole.