Psychosocial Readiness Evaluation & Preparation for Hep C Treatment
A New Free Interactive Online Tool for health care and social service providers to assess and improve a patient’s readiness to begin Hep C Treatment.

The PREP-C was developed by Psychologists, Social Workers, Medical Providers and Patient Navigators specializing in Hep C Treatment Adherence.

The PREP-C guides the provider in assessing nine areas of psychosocial functioning that are most relevant to people going on Hep C treatment. These areas frequently relate to HCV treatment adherence, early treatment discontinuation, and treatment outcome. Results of the assessment guide the development of a treatment plan designed to improve readiness to begin Hep C Treatment.

PREP-C Assessment Areas

  1. Motivation: Reasons client wants to begin HCV treatment, concerns about treatment, and importance of treatment.
  2. Information: Knowledge about HCV treatment and one’s own HCV disease status.
  3. Medication Adherence: Current prescribed medications and adherence to them in prior month.
  4. Self-Efficacy: Self-confidence about adhering to HCV treatment.
  5. Social Support and Stability: Stability of financial, housing, and social support resources.
  6. Alcohol and Substance Use: Alcohol and substance use behaviors and current treatment.
  7. Psychiatric Stability: Current psychiatric status, previous and current treatment.
  8. Energy Level: Sleep and fatigue.
  9. Cognitive Functioning: Perceived difficulty with communication in health care setting, problem-solving ability, and memory.

Conduct the assessment online and print or save the report for you patient chart!

Use of the tool is completely free.
No identifiable patient information is required.
Questions? Contact: Jeff Weiss, PHD ([email protected])

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