Seeking for physicians in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York for a research study (HCV)

My name is Sergio Garcia, part of The Henne Group, based in San Francisco. I’m writing on behalf of from Insight a medical market research company, and we would like to invite the members of the group to participate in a paid research project in which we will be interviewing health care professionals (Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist, Infectious Disease Specialist and Internal Medicine Specialist) to understand the treatment and management of Hepatitis C.

This confidential research event will be conducted at a research facility in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles starting June 20th. We wish to arrange a number of group discussions with up to 4 physicians at a time and will last no longer than 120 minutes. You would be remunerated $375 for your time and valuable insights.

Please if you are interested call at 415-348-2933 or click the following link:

Sergio Garcia