Help for people who can not get insurance


Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access: Health Care Resources for the Uninsured

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Tool for the Uninsured to help find coverage

Emergency Medicaid

Options for the Uninsured Booklet. Community Health Advocates. Community Health Advocates (CHA) has created this guide to help people learn about the range of ways you can get access to health care and/or health insurance. English  Spanish  Korean

New York Immigration Coalition: Health Care Division

The Legal Aid Society: The Health Law Unit (HLU) assists clients and advocates on issues related to public health programs. These issues include:

  • Barriers to enrollment in and retention of health insurance plans
  • Denials of health care services
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Access to care for uninsured persons
  • Immigrant access to health care
  • Reduction of medical debt