Hepatitis B & C are both highly infectious viruses.
Both can live outside of the body for weeks.

Anything contaminated with blood or sexual fluids must be carefully contained.

  • Dispose of Sharps/Needles/Biohazard Properly: New York State Department of Health Sharps-Needle Disposal Instructions
  • Learn about Healthcare-Associated Infections Prevention and Reporting.
  • Practice Harm Reduction. Never share needles or anything that could have blood on it, such as razors, straight edge blades, diabetic equipment or toothbrushes.
  • Practice Safer Sex. Use condoms every time. Avoid sex involving blood and tearing of tissues (skin).
  • Cover cuts, sores, & wounds so that others do not come in contact with you blood or bodily fluids
  • Ensure infection control is maintained in Body Art procedures: Tatooing & Piercing. Ask the following 5 questions* when getting a tattoo or piercing:
      1. Do you use only new needles?
      2. Do you use new ink caps for each client?
      3. Do you sterilize all equipment that may come in contact with blood?
      4. Do you wear single-use latex gloves?
      5. Do you cover fresh tattoos to prevent infection or hepatitis B or C virus transmission?