Jalupro how long does it last

Jalupro is a brand that represents a wide range of varieties of professional cosmetics. One of the most important activities of the Italian manufacturer Professional Derma is the production of products for injectable plastics and restoring skin tone. Jalupro how long does it last?

Peculiarities of the preparations

The basis of all the injectable gels of the Jalupro line is hyaluronic acid. In addition to this, the gel composition includes other ingredients, the effect of which is directed at normalising the microcirculation and metabolism in the tissues. The fillers are produced according to the standards of the European Union, they have undergone clinical trials, and the results are published on the official website with references to supporting documentation. 

Action fillers

The use of the drugs brings with it a host of positive effects. They include: 

  • Normalisation of moisture balance in tissues. 
  • Elimination of signs of hyperpigmentation.
  • Improve skin tone and restore elasticity.
  • Eliminate most signs of ageing, including wrinkles and folds of varying depth.
  • Eliminates puffiness and bags under the eyes. 

Primarily used on the face, but it is also effective for treating parts of the body. 

Duration of treatment

The number of treatments required for skin regeneration and rejuvenation will be determined by a cosmetologist. On average, a treatment will last 1-3 months, with a minimum of 7 days between professional visits. This time is necessary to allow the wounds left by the needles of the syringe to heal.

The effect of the treatment is already visible within a few days after the injection. The positive changes after injections are long-lasting, as the biorevitalising agent continues to work for several weeks, rejuvenating the skin, making it firmer, taut and well-groomed. Four treatments per year (every 6 months for older people) are sufficient to maintain an ideal skin condition. Thanks to the stimulation of regeneration processes, the skin will synthesise collagen and elastin fibres on its own during this period, and the improved metabolism will accelerate the delivery of useful micro-nutrients even to the deeper layers of the skin.

Jalupro – it features a standard concentration of biologically active amino acids. It is used to moisturise deep layers of the dermis, restore elasticity, and stimulate natural immunity. It perfectly removes age-related manifestations, restores skin tone and elasticity. The product enhances cell regeneration, as well as collagen and elastin fibres. Even deep wrinkles, flabbiness and a number of other age-related changes can be successfully treated with the product.

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