What is Jalupro

Aesthetic medicine is progressing further towards rejuvenation with mesotherapy and biorevitalisation treatments. The largest companies are competing with each other, inventing new preparations and developing innovative combinations. This time, beauticians and their clients were delighted by Professional Derma. A new biorevitalising agent based on hyaluronic acid, Jalupro. What is Jalupro?

It is an advanced injectable solution, which preserves (restores) the structure of the dermis, physiologically rejuvenates the collagen frame and facilitates the metabolism in the targeted zone. This revitalizant acts as a dermal revitalizant, which restores fibroblasts in the skin, helps the skin to produce its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin fibres to strengthen the facial muscle frame, slow down the ageing process and improve the skin. This product has been successfully used in rejuvenating treatments with peels, laser treatments, dermabrasion and so on.

Differences between JaluPro and JaluPro HMW

JaluPro (basic) is recommended for young adults (25-35 years old) both for treating the first signs of skin dehydration, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and for prevention.

JaluPro HMW is one of the most effective anti-age treatments. The revitalising agent is optimal for more intensive hydration of the skin of patients (40+), as the hyaluronic acid of the preparation stays in the dermis for about 15 days. It is therefore recommended for ageing skin, where metabolic processes are less active. The product naturally stimulates collagen production and improves metabolic reactions within the dermis. The skin regains its firmness, freshness, radiance, smoothness and youthfulness.

New rejuvenating possibilities in your hands

The amino acid cluster contained in the preparation serves as a powerful chemotactic signal to fibroblasts (special connective tissue cells found in our skin); it induces their proliferation and division by supporting the production of fibroblast growth factor, maximising the preservation of new collagen biosynthesis with minimal breakdown. As a result of these initiated processes, the structure of tired and worn-out skin is preserved (or restored), its tone, activity and elasticity of the dermis are improved, with physiological rejuvenation of the collagen framework and active metabolism in the treatment area. The appearance of the skin is thus significantly improved.

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