What can I expect after Durolane injection

Durolane – one injection for an active life without pain. Thanks to the drug Durolane you can forget about joint pain and live a full active life. The effectiveness of Durolane is proven by decades of successful use all over the world and by positive patient feedback. What can I expect after Durolane injection?

Durolane is a sterile, clear, viscoelastic gel supplied in 3 ml glass syringes. The product is intended for single use. Hyaluronic acid belongs to a small group of substances that are the same in all living organisms. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide that is part of all body tissues, and a particularly high concentration of hyaluronic acid is found in synovial fluid and in the skin. The product consists of biosynthetically produced stabilized and purified hyaluronic acid. It is broken down in the body using the same metabolic pathways as endogenous hyaluronic acid.

Advantages of use

  • Reduction and disappearance of pain for 6 months or more with only a single injection.
  • If you have osteoarthritis and you are tired of ineffective treatment, a single injection at a single visit to the doctor can really save you time to improve your quality of life. Other methods of viscosity replenishment require multiple injections over a number of weeks.
  • With the time-saving drug, you get rid of 3 or 5 repeat visits to your doctor for treatment, giving you more time to enjoy your renewed life.

Composition and Formulation

Durolane comes in 3 ml glass syringes with a luer spout, packaged in a blister pack. The contents of the syringe, stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, is sterile. It is intended for single use and must not be re-sterilized. The product must be used immediately after removing the syringe from the package. If the blister pack or syringe is damaged, the drug must not be used.

Pharmacological Action

Hyaluronic acid in the body is a natural constituent of synovial fluid, which in the joints serves as a lubricant for cartilage and ligaments, as well as an absorber of shock loads. Synovial fluid in joints affected by osteoarthritis is known to have lower viscosity and elasticity than synovial fluid in healthy joints. Injection of hyaluronic acid into the joint to restore viscosity and elasticity can reduce pain and restore mobility in the joint.

Indications for use 

  • Symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee or hip joint of mild to moderate severity.
  • Treatment of osteoarthritis ranges from the prescription of a set of exercises to drug treatment or surgery.
  • Mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee or hip.

Dosage and administration

Administration of the drug shall be performed only by a physician in a medical institution in a room equipped for intra-articular administration of drugs. When administering the drug the rules of asepsis should be strictly observed.

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